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Online Applications

Tenant Screening

Customizable online
applications and tenant
background screenings.
Payments Online

Payments Online

One-time and recurring
payments, invoices and
optional card processing.
Late Fees

Late Fees

Customizable settings
for fees assessments
per property.


Automate reminder
notices to keep
tenants on track.
Credit Reporting

Credit Reporting

Tenants can build credit
history by reporting
Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests

Track and respond to online
tenant requests.
Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking

Monitor property transactions
and expense history
from one screen.
Additional Features

Additional Features

More tools for
improved property
management efficiency.

Online Rent Payment
Provide your tenants with flexible online rent payment options.

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Recurring Rent Payments

We offer automatic recurring rent payments for any day of the month along with monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly options to match your tenants as not every tenant pays just once a month or between just the 1st and 5th of the month.

If you need to modify a recurring payment for just one month, such as on a different day or without a late fee, we can handle it. In the event there is an issue with the recurring payment clearing the first time we can also reprocess the payment a second time as needed.
Screenshot: Recurring Payment
Screenshot: One-Time Payment

One-Time Rent Payments

We also understand that not every tenant wants an automatic recurring payment so we offer one-time payments also. The one-time payment feature can be used to collect miscellaneous payments as well, such as deposits, utility payments, application fees, etc.

You can also use our invoice feature to send payment requests to tenants for additional payments, such as a utility payment. With our invoice feature you can request a Security Deposit or Pro-Rated Rent Payment from a new tenant to make move in easier.

Block Partial Rent Payments

Decide for each property whether to block all partial rent payments, block partial payments for Rent Payments only, or allow partial payments to maintain the flexibility you need for keeping rental payment collection effortless through our online rent collection software.
Screenshot: Partial Payment
Screenshot: Mobile

No Computer? No Problem

We also offer numerous options for tenants that may not have access to a computer:
  • Automatic Authorization Form - The tenant signs the form you download and we set up a recurring payment in the system for the tenant.

  • Mobile Site - We offer a mobile version of our site so that the tenant can submit payments on their phone.

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More than a rent payment service, we are an online landlord and
property management tool.

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