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Online Applications

Tenant Screening

Customizable online
applications and tenant
background screenings.
Payments Online

Payments Online

One-time and recurring
payments, invoices and
optional card processing.
Late Fees

Late Fees

Customizable settings
for fees assessments
per property.


Automate reminder
notices to keep
tenants on track.
Credit Reporting

Credit Reporting

Tenants can build credit
history by reporting
Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests

Track and respond to online
tenant requests.
Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking

Monitor property transactions
and expense history
from one screen.
Additional Features

Additional Features

More tools for
improved property
management efficiency.

Rent Reminders
Let us handle the rent reminders for you so you can focus on other business details.

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Schedule Monthly Rent Reminder Emails

Monthly Rent Reminders can be set within each individual property to be emailed to the tenants on a set day of the month.
Screenshot: Schedule Reminders
Screenshot: Smart Reminders

Smart Late Rent Reminders

The late rent payment notice is only sent on a set day if a rent payment hasn't been submitted yet so only your tenants needing a nudge will get it.

Keep Yourself in the Loop

You can even copy yourself on the reminder if necessary so you can keep tabs on how financial transactions are settling even without having to log in.
Screenshot: Loop

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More than a rent payment service, we are an online landlord and
property management tool.

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